Why Do We Give

At Ferndale Community Church, we believe generosity is a natural outcome of a life which is being transformed by Jesus Christ. Generosity is not an obligation, nor a burden. But rather, we consider it an opportunity and a privilege to give generously out of the resources God has entrusted to us. 


We believe God desires our complete surrender as followers of Jesus. Therefore, God is more concerned with 100% of our hearts, rather than simply 10% of our money. We also believe God will regularly call us to more bold and dangerous steps in a life of generosity. We practice this as a church, in that 10% of all undesignated offerings are set aside for missions ventures in Ferndale and around the world.


What Do We Give

We encourage all who attend FCC regularly, along with those who have completed our membership process, to prayerfully consider a regular pattern of generous giving to the mission of our church. We believe establishing a percentage of your income that you will give as an offering is an important step in this process. Generosity does not come based on what we have left once we’ve satisfied our needs, wants and obligations. Generosity begins with the abundance of God’s provision, trusting Him to meet our needs as we’re living generously. 


How Do We Give

We’ve created several opportunities to give at Ferndale Community Church. We receive an offering each Sunday, where you can give via cash or check. We also use Venmo where you can conveniently give any time. Click "Make a Donation" to support us via Venmo. Thank you for expanding The Kingdom of God with us through your generosity!