Season of Renewal: Women's Conference

Oct 7th 6:30pm - 8:45pm

Oct 8th 9am - 5:30pm

EXPLORE your God-given identity. BE TRANSFORMED by the renewing of your mind as we dive deeper into the power of the Holy Spirit. Throughout the conference there will be worship and 3 different speakers: Kelsey Hargadine, Joy Riley, and Lacy Porter. There will also be hors d'oeuvres, catered lunch, and refreshments. Click here to view the flyer!

$45 admission: Contact Lacy for Tickets (209) 559-4713. Register by Set. 23rd. (Limited space available)

Meet the Speakers

Kelsey Hargadine is the co-founder of an international non-profit, speaker, instructor, business owner, wife, and mother living in small town Colorado. She works full time for her nonprofit in Uganda called ROWAN, which stands for Rural Orphans and Widows AIDS Network. Not only does she empower widows and orphans, but she inspires all to say “yes” to God’s invitation to put faith to action. She loves the Lord with her whole heart and is called to encourage and impart what she has learned along her journey.  

Joy Riley is one of the worship leaders for the Kremmling Community Church Sunday evening services, along with regional gatherings and worship movements in the area. With a heart for encounter with Jesus in worship, she has made herself available for worship opportunities the Lord leads her into. She began leading worship in Minnesota at Hosanna Church for a few years, and has now been leading in Colorado the past two years.

Lacy Porter leads the women’s ministry at FFC, and has been in ministry with her husband, Pastor Daniel Porter for 12 years. Encouraging women and mothers in their relationship with the Lord to walk out their calling and is a fire in Lacy’s heart.