Next Steps

We all have a next step when it comes to living out our faith. Take a look at the list below
and find your next step. Not sure where to start? Click here and let us help.

Follow Jesus

Jesus is the reason we are here. He came to restore our relationship with the Father and to
reveal who He created us to be. If you would like to learn more about who Jesus is and how
to have a relationship with Him, please let us know. We would love to walk with you
through this exciting journey.

Get Baptized

Baptism is a step of obedience we take to show our identification in Jesus and the salvation
that is found only in Him. Baptism is a way of saying to Jesus, “I will follow you.” Jesus was
baptized and your baptism is a means to follow His model — your baptism is the next step
after surrendering your life to Jesus when you publicly say, “I’m all in!”


At FCC, we want to be a people who see God move mightily in our prayer lives and in the
lives of others. If you have a need or request, please let us know. You can also see the
prayer needs of others and spend time praying for them.

Join a community group

At FCC, Community Groups are an environment to grow in your walk with Christ, to build
relationships with others, to be cared for and a place to use your spiritual gifts. Community
groups are typically around six to ten people, in a similar stage of life or with a common
interest, who gather together once a week in homes. You'll share what God is teaching you,
challenge each other to dig deeper in God's Word and pray for each other. We have Groups
for men, women, couples and young adults.

Serve Others

God has gifted us all, and each of us differently as a part of the body of Christ (1 Corinthians
12:12–31), and we can all use whatever skill or talent God has given us to serve Him and His
church. We have a place for you to serve!

Give Generously

In Malachi 3:10, God challenges us to try to out-give Him. All that we have, or hope to have,
comes from Him. The Bible says that when we give, it is a reminder that God is the supplier
of everything. It teaches us to always put God first in our lives.

Disciple Someone

Help someone grow in their relationship with Jesus. Our primary task as a Christ-follower,
and our calling as a church, is to go and make disciples (Matthew 28:19–20). We desire to
equip Christ-followers to be life-givers and lead others toward Christ (2 Timothy 2:2).

Share Your Story

What has God done in your life? We'd love to be a part of capturing your story and sharing
it to minister to others and give glory to the work of God in your life.